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Blogger Benefits

iFabbo SHOP: Qualified members within the USA (International access coming soon) have access to the iFabbo SHOP platform where you have access to a plethora of beauty and fashion items which have been specifically targeted to you in your personalized SHOP. The latest and greatest in fashion and beauty will be at your finger tips to experience. SHOP access is free for bloggers but content creation is encouraged for the products you decide to experience. For more information on the iFabbo SHOP, click on "What is the SHOP?" (link coming soon)

Ongoing Product Exposure and Content Creation: We bring brands to you effortlessly and easily!  By selecting products from the SHOP to experience, iFabbo is helping you get your hands on valuable beauty and fashion items that allow you to generate new and exciting content for your blog or various social media platforms that you may not have access to regularly.

Education: Members receive education on the latest technology, publishing tools, revenue generating strategies, new and emerging brands and products FIRST!  We also proovide up-to-the-minute information on various government policies and rules and regulations so our members are always informed.  As a result, our members become leaders in the blogging profession and are provided valuable insider access to both major corporations and larger revenue-making opportunities.

Educational Conferences and Workshops: As an iFabbo member, you have access to various conferences and events held around the world and throughout the year.  Learn from industry experts everything you need about publishing, how to succeed and how to monetize your blog.  Members can attend (either via podcast or in person) at a discounted price.

Events: Prestigious blogger events will be held multiple times a year throughout the world where the industry’s top professionals and influencers will be in attendance. iFabbo™ members will receive the following:

Twitter Chats: We frequently host Twitter chats in three different time zones (U.S., UK, AUS), interviewing industry leaders from publishing, beauty, fashion and technology industries so our members can stay informed on issues and trends that are important to them.

Exposure to Beauty & Fashion Brands: Bloggers have the opportunity to meet and interact with large, small and up-and-coming fashion and beauty brands and be introduced to the latest fashion and beauty trends.

Member Spotlight: We feature one of our acclaimed members on our website, blog and newsletter monthly.  This will increase blog traffic and serve as a networking tool for the chosen bloggers.

iFabboTM Endorsement Seal

"Endorsement Seal": Proudly display your iFabbo Endorsement Seal so your readers and new visitors know you are a member and a credible source of information.

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