How to Make Earrings: Easy, Pretty & Cheap!

By August 1, 2016Fashion

homemade jewelry

I bought my very first pair of cabochon earrings about 3 years ago. They set me back about $9… but, they were worth it. Large yellow roses. I wore them everywhere! (and still do!) But, I wanted other pairs. I looked around, they were a bit pricey. But, now… I can have any color I want!

homemade jewelry

Do you want to know the very best part?

homemade jewelry

So inexpensive! I bought the supplies for 7 pairs of cabochon earrings all for less than the one pair that I found over 3 years ago. Be still my beating heart!

homemade jewlery

After a quick wave of the glue gun, and about 5 minutes later, a little magic happened.

homemade jewelry


Are you in love? I am!

Author: Emily Louise

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