A Little Bit About Us

iFabbo provides beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands with access to high quality, engaged and vocal publishers who are at the forefront of beautiful, high quality content creation.

We work with brand marketers, agencies and publishing partners to harness the power of social influencers through targeted, content-driven campaigns and promotional activities. iFabbo was founded in 2010 as the first beauty blogger network and was acquired by Sway Group in July of 2016.

Why Brands Love Working with Us

iFabbo, a Sway Group company, works tirelessly to help brands connect with key beauty, fashion and lifestyle influencers.

Our fashion and beauty influencers are tastemakers who demonstrate their perspective and expertise by sharing quality content that is informative and engaging for consumers. We deliver outstanding results to our clients.

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Why Influencers Love Being Part of Our Network

iFabbo works with online influencers through our proprietary Massive Sway Dashboard, connecting influencers with the beauty, fashion and lifestyle brands they already love and introducing them to new products, often in advance of the general market.

We grant influencers unparalleled access to top brands with campaigns that are a great fit for their readers. We support our network of influencers every day, and on every platform, as they grow their communities.

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