13 Holiday Hairstyle Ideas

By August 1, 2016Beauty

Hair can be an intimidating thing. We all want beautiful hair, but for some reason it’s so tough to get that Pinterest-worthy style. Not to mention, we all have full plates and many hats to wear, who has an extra hour and a half to spend on their hair? That’s why I’ve created 12 hairstyles this holiday season that are perfect for the busy woman.

So when you’ve finished prepping dinner, cleaning the house (and the kids!) and you have 10 minutes for yourself, one of these styles will pull through and you’ll have beautiful hair without the huge effort.



Depending on the type of hair you have, curling your hair could take up to 30 minutes (probably less). You can leave it as is or it’s a perfect base for many other styles. If you have the right curling iron, the curls could last a few days as well.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who doesn’t wash her hair every day!



Sometimes we don’t even have time to run a curling iron through our hair or, let’s be honest, it’s been a few days since your last wash. Up-dos are a perfect way to fake clean hair and still look fabulous in no time flat! Even if they look intimidating, trust me, they are not as hard as they look.

Braids & Buns


I don’t know about you, but left untouched my hair is rather frizzy and stringy and I don’t always have time to style it how I’d like. Braids and buns are a perfect and easy way to hide the frizz while avoiding having your hair in a plain old ponytail.



I know I always talk about staying away from the ponytail, and it can be a little boring, but there are a few ways you can vamp it up a bit! I have a post on 10 creative ways to wear a ponytail, there are ways to make them cute and they’re still easy!

Author: Natalia of Ma Nouvelle Mode