How to Make DIY Infinity Scarf in Three Easy Steps

By August 1, 2016Fashion

Looking for a tutorial on how to make a DIY infinity scarf? We’ve got t shirt scarf ideas galore here today! Read on to learn how to make a T shirt scarf with only a t shirt and a pair of scissors.

How to Make Infinity Scarf

how to make infinity scarf

How to Make a DIY Infinity Scarf

Taking everyday outfits and dressing them up is so much fun but buying the accessories isn’t always affordable. What if there was a way to take any outfit and spruce it up with a no sew t-shirt scarf? Well that is exactly what I’ll be showing you how to make! What we’ll be making today is almost identical to an infinity and the best part is you don’t have to take out the sewing machine.

T-shirt Scarf Supplies

This no sew t shirt scarf is easy and affordable to make. If you have a an old t-shirt laying around and a pair of sharp scissors then you have all the supplies you need. I need to stress that the scissors you are using should be very sharp to ensure you are able to cut through multiple layers of the t-shirt.

When picking out your t-shirt, make sure it’s fairly large – I went with an extra-large. You should also consider the color of the t-shirt. I went with bright colors since spring is right around the corner.

how to make infinity scarf

how to make infinity scarf

Check out the full tutorial out below:

Author: Emily Louise